Bylaw Enforcement & Planning

Town of Iroquois Falls * By-Law / Planning / Animal Control Department
253 Main Street* PO Box 230 * Iroquois Falls ON * P0K 1G0

Telephone (705) 232-6361 * Fax (705) 232-4241

Ray Mousseau * Chief Building / Planning Officer

Marc Dube * By-law Enforcement Officer

By-Law No. 3331-15 - Tariff of fees for the processing of applications made in respect of planning matters

Every person who makes application to Council in respect of the following planning matters shall pay, upon submission of the application, the following fee:
Consent Application $150.00
Deeming By-Law Application* $250.00
Minor Variance Application $500.00
Official Plan Amendment Application $800.00
Zoning By-Law Amendment Application $500.00

* A Deeming By-Law applicant shall, in addition to the application fee, be solely responsible for any additional legal fees related to the consolidation of lots and the registration of the Deeming By-Law on title.

By-Law 2444-90 & By-Law 2472-90

Public Notice: no parking permitted on any street 2am to 7am November 1st to April 15th