Mayor & Council

Photo of Mayor with Councillors

Councillor Jeff Madden, Councillor Betty Lou Purdon, Councillor Tory Delaurier, Mayor Michael Shea, Councillor Stephanie Giguere, Councillor Colin Kennedy, Councillor Terry Boucher

Mayor Michael Shea
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Mayor's Message

On behalf of the Town of Iroquois Falls, municipal staff, and our citizens, we welcome you to the Garden Town of the North.  A community geographically centered in the very middle of Canada and the middle of Northern Ontario.

Located just seven kilometers from the Trans-Canada Highway and in close proximity to rail service, it is most suitable for future growth and the establishment of business opportunities.

Iroquois Falls breathes the very lifestyle that all come to envy…plenty of green space and access to wonderful parks, lakes, and beaches.

Comparable to other communities in the area, living in Iroquois Falls boasts lower housing prices and affordable property taxes.  Our hospital and health services also provide good quality care.

Iroquois Falls is a safe community, a great place to retire and an ideal place to raise a family.  We have quality schools, modern senior facilities, independent living residences and a diversity of homes suitable for all.

Iroquois Falls has a wonderful state of the art recreational facility complete with an arena, pool, curling rink, and meeting rooms.  Our golf course, in the center of town also deserves bragging rights.

Iroquois Falls is well positioned for the next 100 years.  Farmers from the south are realizing the benefits of our rich soils and city folks are escaping from the daily life of urban sprawl and congestion.

It gives us great pleasure that you choose to make Iroquois Falls your home!

Council Members

Councillor Terry Boucher

Administration Department Liaison


Councillor Tory Delaurier

Finance Department Liaison


Councillor Stéphanie Giguère

Recreational Department Liaison


Councillor Colin Kennedy

Building/By-Law Department Liaison


Councillor Jeff Madden

Public Works Department Liaison


Councillor Betty Lou Purdon

Fire Department Liaison