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Your issue will be assessed by the On-Call Answering Service, and your information will be passed along to the appropriate personnel.

You may report water breaks, blocked sewers, missing manhole covers, etc at any time. Please note that some services may have applicable fees, for example if problem is the property owner's issue, and not the municipality or a broken water service, or a blocked sewer service, on the owner's property.

You may also report road issues such as pot holes, washouts, fallen trees, missing catch basins lids, water ponding on roads, etc. 24/7. Urgent matters will be investigated promptly, while others will be addressed the next working day. E-mails may also be sent to for less urgent concerns.

The Answering Service will require detailed information in order to properly relay the situation to the appropriate personnel.


Town of Iroquois Falls * Public Works Department
535 Ambridge Drive* PO Box 430 * Iroquois Falls ON * P0K 1G0

​General Inquiries -

Telephone (705) 232-6391  Fax (705) 232-4223

Joel Cyr * Director of Public Works

Steve McLean * Public Works Supervisor

Richard Mineault * Water Works Supervisor

Joanna Nowak * Clerk of Works